Grateful for 2015

To say 2015 was a big year would be an understatement. Our lives changed completely in a way that neither one of us could have guessed. Where we were one year ago today looks and feels like miles and miles away from where we are now, because it was.

We spent New Year’s Eve doing exactly what we love the most- cooking good food, listening to music, and talkingtalkingtalking about this past year.  In an effort to compile at least a few of our memories, we decided a list with pictures was appropriate- so, here’s to 2015!

We started off 2015 with a trail run in Rockefeller State Park- preparing for our first ever marathon in May


We went to Vegas for the first time ever- spending part of our time searching for Brooklyn and the rest out in the canyons

We ran the North Face Endurance Challenge in Bear Mountain and rested the next day in sunny Prospect Park

We got rid of basically everything we owned

Said a ton of tearful goodbyes to one of the best cities in the world

And set out on our adventure to find a completely different life- one we couldn’t really imagine at the time

FullSizeRender 3

Shenandoah – Asheville – Chattanooga -New Orleans

We found out the happiest news- that we had a new little member of our family tagging along for the ride


Our buddy, Vera was attacked and had surgery, but maintained her status as a happy camper in Texas


Marfa – Santa Fe – Lincoln – Estes – Denver – Moab – Yosemite – Lake Tahoe – Seattle (and everything in between)


And finally, our new home, Portland

Krissy and Dom came to visit


We cooked our first ever Thanksgiving dinner


We welcomed the newest, cutest little buddy to the planet- my little sister’s little baby, Eloise!


We searched for Christmas lights, climbed up mountains and stood on the snow

Then we traveled back east for a holiday season filled with NYC, Philly lights, Connecticut hiking, and, most importantly, family and friends.

With everything that’s changed- we know that we could never predict what 2016 will look like, but we are super excited to find out!



Only Open Thursday – Sunday (Maybe)

Last week was filled with tons of driving and more open space than we knew what to do with.  We left New Orleans with the plan of driving straight across the widest part of Texas towards Marfa.  This was based only on Internet Research, as is most of this trip- we wanted to see alien lights, eat some good food and hopefully have a decent cup of coffee.  Neither of us is into modern art- but we thought it would be cool to see Prada Marfa anyhow; little did we know the immense impact this modern art community has on a tiny place like Marfa, Texas.

But before we made it to Marfa, we stopped in both Houston and San Antonio.  Our Mexican Food tour continues and in both places we had some damn good Tex Mex (something we will surely miss once we are up north in Nebraska).   In Houston we pretty much stayed in our hotel, but in San Antonio we were pleasantly surprised by the river walk and even got to see the Alamo!IMG_1503

We didn’t go in, but we did get our picture taken out front!  We ate ice cream after dinner, and honestly it just made us miss The Ice Cream Show in Chattanooga (best. ice cream. ever.)- which means Chattanooga is two for two with best foods.   Overall though, aside from the immense amount of driving, the super quick tour of two Texas cities was a pleasant one.

Sunday was filled with long, long drives through flat Texas land.  We drove mostly along the US/Mexico border towards Marfa.  The land was as flat as a pancake until we got close to Big Bend National Park.  All of the sudden the landscape changed- it was absolutely beautiful.IMG_3088

We camped out at Tumble In RV Park and were the only two people there for most of the week.  Once in a while someone would pull in late for the night, but head out quickly the next morning.  The camp ground was great and had a kitchen and basically a garage where we hung out all week.IMG_3108

IMG_5274We were able to go running each morning down dirt roads towards town while the sun was rising.  IMG_6052

The beauty was nothing short of magical- the light each morning and night made every inch of the town look like a picture.  The natural beauty, however is basically where our love of Marfa ends.  Not one of the restaurants or coffee shops was open the entire time we were there (as Marfa is more of a ‘weekend vacation town’), and the more we learned about the town the more ridiculous it seemed.  People were coming from the NY and LA art scene to buy houses for nearly a million dollars!  We learned that many of the original residents aren’t too happy with the changes.  All of this was confirmed by a number of (obvious) outsiders dressed in vintage cowboy costumes at the bar one night.  It was also confirmed when we google searched Marfa real estate.  Overall, however, none of this could ruin the beautiful Texas skies and the gorgeous Davis Mountains (not to mention the adorable little town of Alpine about thirty minutes away that had amazing Mexican food).  It was also pretty cool to see Prada Marfa out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a glorious sunset.IMG_3102