The Open Road!

After almost a year of long conversations, making plans, and paring down our possessions to only what will fit in our Honda Fit, we’ve finally made it onto the open road!  For now, we have plans that will keep us living the nomadic life at least up until the middle of September- though really, there is no end in sight.  We intend to continue living on the road for as long as possible- hopefully driving all the way down to Patagonia!  IMG_5516

But for now, at the beginning of our journey, we’re enjoying exploring the diverse landscapes of the U.S.  Our first stop on the trip was to Shenandoah National Park.  It was supposed to rain and thunderstorm all day and night, but since we only had one night of camping reserved, we decided it didn’t matter and pitched a tent anyway.  IMG_5206This honestly couldn’t have a been a better decision or a better way to begin our new life on the road.  Shenandoah was covered in a beautiful thick fog that made the forest feel magical- in fact the fog was all we had to ‘deal with’ as the rain never came.

The ride along Skyline Drive was even prettier in the fog.


I was able to compare too since it was beautiful and sunny on Sunday for our short hike and drive out of the park.


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